Gary Dolch

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Husband  |  Dad |  Founding Agent  |  Top Agent  |   Elite 25 Member   

Gary grew up in San Antonio, played football and soccer, attended Texas State University where he studied business and marketing while paying his own way through school selling cars for the Nash family and eventually managing their deanships. Gary has been an entrepreneur and salesman his entire life, starting his first company at age 13 and employing a few of his best friends along the way "I always understood the value of working with peole you like and have always tried to surround myself with prople smarter than me". Gary founded 3 corporations before he was 30 and took two of them through seed and angel rounds of investor financing prior to being aquired. He is a car fanatic, loves the beach and the ocean and is an avid saltwater fisherman, loves to snowboard and hang in the mountains, and seriously loves and cherishes his time with family and friends.