Understanding Mortgage Credit Checks

Austin Luxury Group|September 18, 2023
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At Austin Luxury Group, we understand that venturing into the world of mortgages can be complex. One crucial component of this journey is the credit check. Here's a detailed perspective for your better understanding:

The Mortgage Credit Check Process: When you pursue a mortgage, lenders will scrutinize your credit by reviewing a report from one of the trio of national credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion, or Experian.

Such a credit check translates as an 'inquiry' on your report. While it can minutely affect your credit score, it's a mandatory step in the mortgage application process. Our advice? Only go for credit when genuinely needed.

Post-Application Communications: Post your mortgage application, you might observe an uptick in telemarketing calls, emails, or mail. This is because of the inquiry signal on your credit report, which shows potential lenders that you're possibly looking for a loan.

While we, at Austin Luxury Group and our preferred lenders, staunchly protect your data, the three national credit bureaus have provisions to share data with lending firms for promotional aims. This can lead to you receiving pre-screened offers.

Should you prefer not to receive such solicitations, you can effortlessly opt out through or by dialing 1-888-5-OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688). If you have joint credit ties, say a mortgage or vehicle loan with a significant other, solicitations may persist until both parties opt out.

Self-Monitoring Your Credit: It's wise to assess your own credit report annually for discrepancies. Such personal inquiries don't negatively influence your score.

Upon inspecting your credit report, it's imperative to ensure all details are precise and accurate. Spot something amiss or unfamiliar? Reach out to either the respective business or the credit bureau that furnished the report.

For a free copy of your credit report, try

We at Austin Luxury Group prioritize your financial welfare. If any queries arise or guidance is needed, know we're just a call away.