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Mid-Year Ultra-Luxury Report 2023 featuring Gary & Michelle Dolch

Gary Dolch|August 2, 2023
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The 2023 Mid-Year Ultra-Luxury Report provides a comprehensive exploration of $10M+ sales nationwide throughout Q1 & Q2. We invite you to explore this analysis of the ultra-luxury sector over the last four years.  In both stable and shifting times, knowledge is crucial to successfully navigating luxury.
“The Austin luxury market has proved resilient amid rising mortgage rates, stock market volatility, and political uncertainty. High-net-worth individuals are often less sensitive to interest rate changes, but stock market fluctuations can affect purchasing power and cool the market. However, during volatile times, some investors see real estate as a safe haven, particularly in thriving markets. Factors like Austin’s tech boom and population growth impact our market, and we’re seeing cross currents including positive activity alongside hesitance. We think luxury will improve into the election in 2024.”

Gary and Michelle Dolch