Hot Homes: Austin real estate for the macabre clientele

Austin Luxury Group|October 31, 2023
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Hot Homes: Austin real estate for the macabre clientele


In honor of Halloween’s fast approach, we did a little house-hunting with a particular type of homeowner in mind.

Check out these brooding, funky, or downright dignified homes that we think clients from Dracula to Edgar Allan Poe would fawn over. (If anyone has an extra $2-$5 million they’re interested in handing out in lieu of Halloween candy this year, we wouldn’t mind purchasing them, either.)


a black bathtub in the center of a bathroom, with a large window behind it and sinks on either side.

Photo courtesy of Stacey Deville via Compass


237 Canyon Turn Trail
While the entirety of this home emits moody vibes, thanks to dark appliances and trim throughout, it’s the master bathroom that we think Dracula would really love: A deep black soaking tub, dark grey walls, and a corner enclosure shower that’s just as secluded (but far more spacious) than his coffin. The mother-in-law floorplan doesn’t hurt either — it’s the perfect place for Jonathan Parker to stay.


A living room space with white walls and a modern fireplace, with floor-to-ceiling windows to the left.

Photo courtesy of Darsh Parikh via Compass


1401 Dwyce Dr.
“Wuthering Heights’” Heathcliff, master of the brood, will love the fenced-in yard ensuring privacy, along with the grey kitchen cabinetry and dark-yet-exquisite exterior. The his-and-hers vanities would get plenty of use from Heathcliff and Catherine’s ghost, we’re sure. We can picture him now, pensive as ever while wandering the sprawling front yard.


An entryway with white wooden walls, a wall of lockers to the right, and an entry table below a mirror in the center.

Photo courtesy of Monica Fabbio via Compass


139 Crape Myrtle Dr.
A home this unique deserves inhabitants equally as kooky, which is why it makes the perfect home for The Addams Family. Spanning 11.5 acres with six bedrooms, the home’s size is ideal for Morticia, Gomez, et al. Its unique features, like a guest house designed around a shipping container, just make sense for the family — after all, “their house is a museum.”


The front of a home at twilight, showing glowing lights inside the house.

Photo courtesy of Gary & Michelle Dolch / Austin Luxury Group via Compass


8321 Verde Mesa Cove
It’s giving “Cask of Amontillado” in all the right ways. Nevermore will Poe seek a space of solace for writing; the executive office space in the wing of the home will do just fine. We imagine him spending his days in the luxurious outdoor patio space, looking through the arches and across the pool in search of the raven.





Original Article by: Brianna Williams, ATX Today