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Considering Moving to Austin?

Austin Luxury Group|June 15, 2021
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Austin is one of the country's hottest destinations right now, bringing thousands of new residents already this year.  Austin offers a higher standard of living and more advantageous tax laws than other states, not to mention the live music, great food, festivals, outdoor activities, art, and cultural offerings.  Want to experience Austin before you commit to life in The Great State of Texas?  Miraval Austin, a luxury wellness resort, has launched a program that allows you to "test drive" Austin. The month long program allows you to experience life in Austin while indulging in self care.  Miraval has they typical resort offerings of lounging by the pool, relaxing at the spa, and getting a massage, but also has a unique mix of restorative outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, horseback riding, yoga, guided meditation, zip lining, and bee keeping classes.  Click here to learn more about Miraval and book your stay to experience the Austin lifestyle, in style.