Our Team

Jeannie Garr Roddy

Luxury Real Estate Advisor, Equestrian Property Specialist


I can honestly say we have been completely spoiled and cannot imagine working with anyone else.” One of many Client’s Testimonials


When Jeannie Garr Roddy’s clients describe her, they often talk about the caring, impeccable service she gave them every step of the way.


Jeannie holds Broker’s licenses in Texas and California, providing those interested in either state with the ability to represent them with an exceptional experience.


Her unusual expertise, assurance and understanding come from a literal lifetime in real estate encompassing over 35 years. Jeannie’s mother was a skilled career agent for close to 40 years. Later, when Jeannie traded her early profession as a CPA for life as a high-end luxury agent, she began in partnership with her mom. It soon became clear that the field was an ideal fit.


“I love the challenge of understanding my clients and their goals,” she says. “What I do is complex, but the aim is simple: to give them a rewarding experience that lasts far beyond the close of escrow. For most of us our home is our biggest investment, and that deserves a long-term relationship.”


Jeannie specializes in unique homes and estates, equestrian properties, and high-end condominiums and land in the Austin area. She can steer her clients to the best properties, and the best activities in the Austin area. “Austin is an amazing city!  There is so much to do here, including lovely trails and waterways, great golf courses, live music, fabulous dining and of course, barbecue!”


Jeannie is a master at balancing the emotional and business sides of home buying and selling. Thanks to her CPA background, her attention to detail is meticulous. She often spots ways to tighten and enhance negotiations to her clients’ benefit.


The combination of business skills with warmth and heart is rare. And it’s what makes Jeannie Garr Roddy an invaluable resource and long-term friend to her clients.