2508 N Cuernavaca DR

2508 N Cuernavaca DR, Austin, TX 78733

Architectural Elegance Meets Natural Harmony in Austin's Award-Winning Residence


2019 AIA Award-Winning Architectural Achievement

Set on 3.7 acres in a wooded sanctuary, this property represents a confluence of artistry and functionality, a signature of Alter Studio's work. The residence and accompanying pool house stand as testaments to refined Hill Country modernism, seamlessly integrating with the native landscape adjacent to Lake Austin. The design employs board-formed concrete and wood paneling in a rhythmic alternation, creating a dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces. The tactility of the materials serves not merely as a façade but as an intrinsic component of the landscape itself. This residence's architectural significance is well-recognized, earning accolades such as The 2018 Architecture Master Prize and the 2017 American Architecture Award, among others.

2018 The Architecture MasterPrize Award - Residential

2017 American Architecture Award

2016 IIDA Excellence in Design Awards

2016 AIA Austin Design Award - Video

Interplay of Light and Spatial Harmony

The interior spaces are studies in the manipulation of natural light, achieved through the strategic placement of windows, skylights, and innovative ceiling geometries. The choice of warm, luminescent materials for cabinetry and walls juxtaposes the industrial simplicity of concrete floors, cultivating an atmosphere of calm sophistication. The spatial arrangement is a deliberate exercise in creating both privacy and continuity, offering areas of retreat and engagement. Notable is the fluid transition from indoor spaces to outdoor living areas, subtly encouraged by design elements like floor to ceiling glass doors. The primary suite exemplifies a thoughtful approach to private spaces, with an emphasis on immersive environmental experiences. The inclusion of advanced technological integrations, such as comprehensive Crestron automation and a robust cooling system, underscores the residence's commitment to modern comfort and convenience.

Landscape as an Extension of Living Space

The pool house, a Mell Lawrence Architects initiative, is a deliberate accentuation of the outdoor environment, equipped to facilitate both leisure and functionality. The landscape, orchestrated by Hocker Landscape Architects, employs structured hardscapes to introduce an element of architectural intentionality amidst the organic surroundings. This approach to outdoor space is not just an amenity but an essential aspect of the holistic living experience envisioned in this design.

From an architect's perspective, this property embodies a forward-thinking approach to residential design, where every element is a thoughtful response to the site's natural topography, views, and vegetation, encouraging residents to live in harmony with nature's artistry. It's more than a dwelling; it's a carefully curated experience, where every detail is an intentional stroke in this living masterpiece.